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Field Trip April 21
– Wargön Innovation

About Wargön Innovation
Wargön Innovation is a national development and knowledge centre for process and production technology focusing on new sustainable and circular materials. We are committed to introducing new, better, and affordable material solutions to meet environmental challenges.

Wargön Innovation covers the missing middle in the innovation life cycle. The kilo-step on the gram-kilo-tonne scale. We provide support and guidance focusing on long-term business models, technical development, and a support network for early stage pilots in their efforts to success at scale.

Our target group is entrepreneurs and their material innovations. Together, we create projects that leads the way to market for new sustainable and circular innovations. Main focus is textiles, and we also work with biomaterials in the agriculture and health care sector,” says Maria Ström, operational manager at Wargön innovation.

In September 2018, the new building was inaugurated including a process area dedicated to pilot equipment. One of the first installations is a pilot plant for automated textile sorting of post-consumer textiles, which is part of the RE:Source-financed WargoTex project including 25 partners. The project supports both system development of textile sorting as well as developing new markets for used and sorted textiles.