Scientific Committee


Stefan Allard

Researcher at Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Energy and Material, Nuclear Chemistry

Dr. Allard’s research is presently focused on questions relating to a final nuclear waste repository, as well as lithium ion battery recycling of hybrid electric vehicles, using solution- and solvent-extraction chemistry. He is the course-coordinator of Nuclear Chemistry and deputy Radiation Protection Officer.


Dag Øistein Eriksen

Senior advisor in hydrometallurgy, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo

Special interest in leaching and separation of metals at industrial levels
Manager of PRICE, a Norwegian competence building project, and the Norwegian Network for Hydrometallurgy
CEO of consulting company, Primus.inter.pares AS, Oslo.


Mirja Illikainen

Professor Mirja Illikainen is leading the research area of inorganics materials and circular economy at University of Oulu, Finland. Her research group is working with a wide range of industrial residues from mining, energy, forest, construction and metal industries. Her research covers the utilization of inorganic industrial wastes and residues mainly in cementitious materials. The research focuses on the material properties, the processing of materials, and the development of cementitious binders. The environmental and safety aspects of the materials are important as well. Mirja is active in international research collaboration and she is currently participating in seven European projects.


Gunvor Marie Kirkelund

Gunvor Marie Kirkelund conducts research on upgrading of hazardous waste to secondary raw materials and valorisation of particulate waste materials in construction. The research takes offset in the societal need for a sustainable construction sector and uses experimental methods for material pretreatment, characterization and mechanical and environmental testing. Among her current activities is recovery of metals from municipal solid waste incineration fly ash by an electrodialytic process and finding reuse options for the treated mineral residue. Gunvor Marie Kirkelund received her PhD in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 2005.


Lisbeth M. Ottosen

Professor, head of section for Materials and Durability, at Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Lisbeth M. Ottosen is leading a research team ZeroWaste Byg with focus on upgrading of waste to resources. The two major research lines are use of secondary resources in construction materials (mainly concrete and bricks) and recovery of elemental resources such as phosphorous and heavy metals from particulate materials (ashes, soils, sludges and sediments). She is currently lead on a sector development project “Circular Civil Engineering” for the Technical University of Denmark, where the university and the construction sector jointly maps the technological developments and innovations needed to enable transition towards a circular economy. Lisbeth is MSc in civil engineering and received her PhD within environmental technology. She is author of more than 150 ISI indexed Journal papers.


Maria Ljunggren Söderman

Researcher, Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University of Technology

Maria Ljunggren Söderman conducts research on how prevention, re-use and recycling contributes to a more sustainable management of material resources. Based on systems analysis methods such as material flow analysis, life cycle assessment and systems engineering modelling, her work integrates assessments of resource and waste policy with analyses of the use and end-of-life treatment of scarce and critical materials in complex products. Among her current activities are two major Swedish research initiatives: Mistra Closing the loop and Mistra Resource-efficient and effective solutions based on a circular economy thinking, both with extensive industrial collaboration. Maria received her PhD in Environmental Sciences at Chalmers University in 2001. She was appointed member of the waste council of the Swedish EPA for three years.


Britt-Marie Steenari

Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling, Chalmers University of Technology