About the organizers


Competence Centre Recycling (CCR)

Competence Centre Recycling (CCR) started in 2007 and has the goal of being a network and catalyst for multidisciplinary R&D collaboration within the field of circular use of materials. Reuse of products and components as well as highly-developed recycling technologies are central aspects of a resource-efficient use of materials for increased competitiveness and a sustainable society. Such a transition confronts us with a number of complex issues which must be addressed from different perspectives. Based on the members’ competence and dedication, CCR is an important actor for developing the field.


Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL)

IVL Swedish Environmental Institute continues to grow and is now expanding its operations with a new office in Skellefteå. IVL already works today with environmental measurements and permit processes in Northern Sweden, but also in several research and innovation projects in the climate and energy area. That work is now being strengthened with the new investment. IVL Swedish Environmental Institute conducts research and consulting activities in the entire area of environment and sustainability. The customer base is found in all industries, authorities and organizations. An important role for IVL is to be a bridge builder between business and government and to contribute to solutions that both meet the sustainability goals and strengthen Swedish competitiveness.