Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Circular Materials Conference 2021 will bring together major decision-makers from the basic and recycling industries, academics as well as politicians, service and equipment suppliers and stakeholders from the Nordic region.

We will broadcast the conference at Chalmers Conference Center, Gothenburg, Sweden on April 21-22, 2021, with a number of interesting speakers and digital exhibitors.

Part of the programme-presentations and panel-discusssions will be broadcasted live from our studio at Chalmers Conference Center. Event components that participants would traditionally experience in-person will be presented virtually.

Virtual Exhibition Area

On the day of the event we are using an interactive videostreaming and interaction platform.
The website includes the livestream, lobby with open chat wall, the program of the event and other essential information about speakers and exhibitors.

The Virtual Exhibition with virtual booths includes stream rooms with interaction and networking as 1:1 chat and videocalls with exhibitors.

Virtual Exhibitors Circular Materials Conference 2021

1    Stena Recycling
2    Nouryon
3    Boliden
4    El-kretsen
5    Chalmers Industriteknik
6    Recipo
7    TMR
8    KTH
9    RISE
10   Reserved
11   Reserved
12   RE:Source
14   BIZMET / EIT Raw Materials
15   Reserved
16   CCR Comptence Center of Recycling    Chalmers

Virtual Booth

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Chalmers industriteknik
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