13.00-14.30: Breakout Session 8: Innovation Deep Dive 1
(4 parallell sessions, A, B, C, D)

8A: Textile transformation
Session chair: Peter Woodward

“H&M wants to lead the change to a circular and climate positive fashion industry.”
Felicia Reuterswärd,
Sustainability Manager, H&M Hennes & Mauritz Sweden AB

Prerequisites for a circular economy for textiles
Lisa Schwarz Bour,

Circular Textiles
Maria Ström,
Wargön Innovation

Textile products' environmental impacts
Jesper Danielsson,
Head of Design, Houdini Sportswear

SIPTex – the first industrial scale automated textile sorting facility
Hanna Ljungkvist Nordin,

Sustainable fungal textiles from food waste
Akram Zamani,
University of Borås

8B: Challange - the circular plastic packageing
Session chair: Sofia Erixon, TMR

Renewable materials and circularity
Daniel Badman,
Head of Public Affairs and Sustainability Communications at Stora Enso Group

What requirements is circular economy putting on packaging?
Per Stoltz,

How do we design for recyclability?
Rustan Nilsson,
Sysav Industri AB

Fast-moving-consumer goods in a circular economy – Evaluation with life cycle assessment of two products
Siri Willskytt

8C: Nutrients - phosphorous
Session chair: Britt Marie, Steenari CCR

Overview of the status and future perspectives of nutrients recycling from sewage in nine selected countries
Erik Karrman,

The pyrolysis process to enhance Phosphorous recovery from sewage sludge
Lisbeth M. Ottosen,
DTU-Technical University of Denmark

InPhos: Sustainable Management of Phosphorus in Baltic countries
Magdalena Svanström,

Circular phosphorous from sewage sludge by pyrolysis treatment
Naeimeh Vali,
University of Borås

Recycling of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium from Cities to Agriculture
Yariv Cohen,
R&D Manager at EasyMining

Agro Residue waste to Natural Fibers: True Circular Material
Navin Singhania,
Founder & CEO Barracuda Labs

8D: BizMet – an educational program in Circular Economy for SMEs active in metal industry and recycling
Session chair:
Burçak Ebin,
Chalmers University of Technology

What is EIT?
Victor Westergård,
EIT Raw Materials

What is BizMet all about?
Jutta Nuortila-Jokinen,
LUT University

Hindrances and opportunities of Circular Economy from the SME point of view
Asja Mrotzek-Bloess,
Clausthal University of Technology

BizMet Academy: combining real life problems with academic studies
Ewelina Pędziwiatr and Olga Janikowska,
Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Can BizMet concept truly assist SMEs on their way to CE?
Martina Petranikova,
Chalmers University of Technology

Panel discussion