13.00-14.45: Breakout Session 3: Innovation Deep Dive 1 Parallall Session. (3 parallell sessions, A, B, C)

3A: Environmental Impacts
Session chair: Peter Woodward

How to approach and work with the UN’s sustainability goals
Guro Husby,

Circular management of contaminated soil
Lars Rosen,

Organizing for circular economy – an ecosystem perspective
Per Carlborg,
Örebro Universitet

Environmental services by a multipurpose biorefinery
Lina Lindahl

What could be reasonable business applications for recycled regenerated cellulose fibers?
Hanna de la Motte

Reuse of consumer electronics: what are the real environmental benefits?
Irmeline de Sadeleer,
Ostfold forskning

3B: Automotive Acton Batteries for Electric Cars- Outlook

Metals for a sustainable future
Anna Medvedeva,
Director Strategy and Technology Boliden Smelters

A review of scrap flows and material information management in the Swedish steel industry

Reinol Josef Compañero,

Biohydrometallurgy as a tool for recovery of metals from secondary sources
Erika Lönntoft,

Critical Raw Material Circularity for Solar Cell Technologies and Material Recycling Options
Burçak Ebin,

Re-manufacturing of cast components through dual casting
Johan Dahlström,

3C: Closing the loop with Plastics Part 1
Chair: David Hensher Recipo

E-plastics - How to Optimize Plastics Recycling for Circular Electronics. What´s up in Europé and Asia?
Craig Thompson,
CEO Semper Augustus Consulting

Pyrolysis of plastic waste – One solution for the future?
Mona Arnold,

The SirkulærPlast project: realising circular innovation in Norway
Cecilia Askham,

Closed Loop Recycling through Depolymerization of PET and Polyester Waste
Karin Lindqvist,

Closing the gaps to enable increased circularity of plastics
Thor Kamfjord,

Transformation of existing petrochemical clusters into thermochemical recycling plants
Martin Seemann,