March 17–18 2020 Chalmers, Gothenburg

Circular Materials Conference

The leading Nordic forum for industrial, scientific and commercial progress in circular use of materials

About the conference

Exchange and share experiences

The way we use our materials today will define the world we inhabit in the future. On March 17-18 2020 we invite you to reimagine materials with the help of emerging technologies and novel collaborations to create a circular future together.

About the conference

Nordic solutions for a global change

Building from Nordic experience, the forum will explore how the region’s innovations can contribute to the global transition towards circular economy.


“Today the circular economy concept is widely accepted as the road forwards and many industrial branches are striving to develop their supply chains and business networks to that goal. The conference explores how the region’s innovations can contribute to the global transition towards circular economy.”

Britt-Marie Steenari
Professor in Industrial Materials Recycling and Director for CCR


A network and catalyst for multidisciplinary R&D collaboration within the field of circular use of materials.


Testimonials and insights from last year’s conference


”The two-day conference provided a balanced mix of general overview on the trends of circular economy transition in the Nordic countries and Europe, and practical solutions from companies and innovators. I can highly recommend Circular Materials Conference.”

Maté Kriza
Circular Foundation


”It was a pleasure to be part of this exciting conference!”

Susanne Fischer
Research Fellow,
Wuppertal Institut


”It was a pleasure to be with you at the Circular Materials Conference, which was well organised.”

Norbert Zonneveld
Executive Secretary, European Electronics Recycling Association (EERA)


”It was a fascinating event, and a great opportunity to meet people and learn about new projects.”

Cosima Dannoritzer
Director, The E-Waste Tragedy

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