Steering Committee

Britt-Marie Steenari

Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling,
Chalmers University of Technology

Tomas Ekvall

PhD, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Tomas Ekvall, PhD, has more than 20 years of experience from systems analysis, particularly life cycle assessment (LCA), energy systems analysis, waste-management, and futures studies. As an internationally recognized expert on LCA and related tools, his many publications are frequently cited. A former associate professor at Chalmers university of Technology, he has been involved in policy assessments since 2006.

Nils Hannerz

Head Circular Economy & Industrial Bioeconomy, IKEM – Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden

Jan Ots

CEO, Nordic Publishing
Nordic Publishing Sweden AB is a leading Nordic advisory firm focused on strategic communication in the mining and recycling industries.
Nordic publishing:
works with strategic long-term or short-term project management targeting mineral and associated industries,
orchestrates events such as annual conferences on Mining and Minerals and the Circular Materials Conference, and
works with issues regarding producer responsibility.

Studies in Engineering focusing on Mining and Metallurgy – Civil Engineering and Industrial Minerals.
Bergsskolan – The Swedish School of Mining and Metallurgy- LTU
Bachelor of Economics and Business at the University of Uppsala.

Christina Anderzén

Project leader, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Project leader, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Built Environment/Energy and Circular Economy

Employed at RISE since 2010 and has 12 years of experience working with waste management, also from the municipal sector. Coordinating RISE Lighthouse Initiative of Circular Economy and are also part of the program management of the strategic innovation program RE:Source.

Josef Tapper

CEO, Recipo

Mårten Sundin

Marketing Manager, El-Kretsen

Lars Josefsson

Professor of The Practice Hållbar Utveckling Chalmers
Klusterledare Västsvenska Kemi- och Materialklustret, Kemiföretagen, Stenungsund

Raul Carlsson

Quality Manager and Department Manager Energy and Environmental Technology, Swerea SWECAST AB