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Interviews from the Circular Material Conference 2018:
Video by Chalmers University of Technology

How can we improve the recycling of WEEE? Are we prepared to take our responsibility?
Presentation March 7 2018, by Rasmus Bergström, Managing Director, Stena Technoworld

Video from the Circular Materials Conference 2016:
Video by The Green Exchange

Interviews from the Circular Material Conference 2016:
Video by Chalmers University of Technology


Uusiouutiset, March 14, 2018

Altinget, March 8, 2018
Ex-kommissionär: För stort fokus på återvinning

Recycling & Miljöteknik, nr 04, 2016 – Internationell återvinningskonferens lockade hundratals
Internationell återvinningskonferens lockade hundratals

Recycling International, May 25, 2016 – Time to take cue from the mighty cockroach

Recycling International, May 18, 2016 – Don’t panic: not all metals are in ’the danger zone’


”It was a fascinating event, and a great opportunity to meet people and learn about new projects.”
Cosima Dannoritzer, Director, The E-Waste Tragedy

”It was a pleasure to be with you at the Circular Materials Conference, which was well organised.”
Norbert Zonneveld, Executive Secretary, European Electronics Recycling Association (EERA)

”The two-day conference provided a balanced mix of general overview on the trends of circular economy transition in the Nordic countries and Europe, and practical solutions from companies and innovators. Many good speakers and presentations, interesting and useful break-out sessions where one could get a deeper insight into specific industry-focused issues relating to circular economy. I also enjoyed the exhibition of companies and institutions where I could learn more about circular products and projects. I can highly recommend Circular Materials Conference.”
Maté Kriza, Circular Foundation

”Thank you for a very interesting event! The Circular Materials Conference was a success!”
Elina Saarinen, Uusiouutiset

”Thank you for organizing such an interesting and inspiring conference.”
Malvina Roci, PhD Candidate, KTH

”It was a pleasure to meet you and to be part of this exciting conference!”
Susanne Fischer, Research Fellow, Wuppertal Institut