Programme May 12 2016

Day 2, Thursday May 12 – Final Programme

07.45 Registration and coffee.

Session 1: Introduction

Venue: RunAn
Chair: James Greyson, Head of Blindspot Think Tank
08.25 Welcoming address
Britt-Marie Steenari, Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Industrial Materials Recycling, Chalmers University of Technology
 08.30 Circularity – quo vadis?
Mona Arnold, Tech Lic., MBA VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland ltd
 08.50 A quantum leap in the circular economy starts with enforcing existing legislation
Norbert Zonneveld, Executive Secretary, European Electronics Recycling Association (EERA)
 09.10 A potential EU policy for efficient use of metals and other material resources
Tomas Ekvall, PhD, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet
 09.25 Laser-based on-line technique for metal scrap analysis – new developments
Tania Irebo, Research leader and Senior scientist at Material Analysis and Monitoring, Swerea KIMAB
 09.40 MaTrace Global: Tracing the fate of materials across regions over time in open-loop recycling
Yasushi Kondo, PhD, Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
10.00 Coffee Break and Poster Session

Session A1: Closing the loop with Plastics and Chemicals

Workshop B1: Theme WEEE

Venue: RunAn
Nils Hannerz, Head of Circular Economy, IKEM – Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden
Venue: Palmstedt
Kristina Eriksson, MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering, El-Kretsen
10.30 Chemical industry powering the circular economy
Ann Dierckx, Sustainable Development Manager, European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic)
  • Refurbishment of components
    Fredrik Benson, Business Development Manager, El-Kretsen AB
  • Eco design, Cost, Quality and Reuse of Components
    Annachiara Torciano, Sustainability Manager, Samsung Electronics
  • Designing for Circularity as a Global Retailer
    Andreas Ahrens, Project Leader: Design for Sustainability, IKEA of Sweden
  • Electronics Recycling in Retrospect -Current trends and Future Challenges
    Mikael Lekbeck, SHEC Manager – Environment, Health, Safety, Community and CSR, Sims Recycling Solutions
10.50 Plastic Recycling, a circular opportunity and a challenge
Karl Edsjö, Director resource policy and recycling, Electrolux
11.10 Research on Polymer Recycling at SP Chemistry Materials and Surfaces
Anna Janson, PhD, Research Scientist at SP Chemistry, Materials and Surfaces
11.25 Development and characterisation of a recycled carbon fibre/PP composite material
Magdalena Juntikka, Research Engineer and Project Leader, Swerea Sicomp
11.45 Phosphorus recovery from wastewater. How advanced does it need to be?
Bengt Hansen, Senior Application Specialist, Wastewater Treatment, Kemira
12.00 Lunch and Poster Session

Session A2: Metals from secondary sources

Workshop B2: Making the leap from current thinking and policy to tomorrow’s circular economy

Venue: RunAn
Chair: Lennart Gustavsson, Chair of Georange
Venue: Palmstedt
Chair: James Greyson, Head of BlindSpot Think Tank
13.00 Development of alternative raw material and by-product diversity in the ore based carbon steel industry on the way to the circular economy society to reduce amount of solid wastes and greenhouse gas emissions
Jyrki Heino, D.Sc. (Tech) Process Metallurgy Group, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Beyond the design of products and businesses, let’s design the whole-system breakthroughs for circular economy.
    James Greyson, Head of BlindSpot Think Tank
  • Scaling up Circular Advantage: Innovative Business Models and Technologies to Create Value in a World without Limits to Growth
    Tomas Haglund-Flemström, Director Sustainability Services Sweden, Accenture Strategy
  • How to mainstream advanced recycling of rare earth magnets for a circular economy
    David Gardner, Senior Project Manager, C-Tech Innovation Ltd
13.20 Mapping the Global steel scrap reserves
Dr. Alicia Gauffin, Researcher, KTH
13.40 Influence of slag mineralogy on possibilities for use in alternative applications
Fredrik Engström, Senior Lecturer, LTU
14.20 Recovery of iron in the form of submicron hematite (Fe2O3) particles from steel industry pickling solution by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis (USP)
Ebin Burçak, Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Material Recycling, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology
14.40 Coffee Break and Poster Session

Session: Financing and Sustainable Investments in a Circular Economy

Venue: RunAn
Chair: Camille Duran, Executive Producer, The Green Exchange
15.10 Putting our hope in firms and financials
Conny Overland, PhD, University of Gothenburg
15.30 Providing finance for re-use of raw materials
Mikael Sjövall, Communications Manager, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
15.50 Financing a sustainable city with green bonds – inspiration for innovative financing methods
Magnus Borelius, Head of Group Treasury, the City of Gothenburg
16.10 Panel discussion with the speakers from the session
16.30 Summary.
James Greyson, Head of BlindSpot Think Tank
Tomas Haglund-Flemström, Director Sustainability Services Sweden, Accenture Strategy