Programme March 7

Day 1, Wednesday 7:th March 2018 – Preliminary Programme

Venue: RunAn, Chalmers Conference Centre, Gothenburg
07.40-08.30 Registration and refreshments

Plenary Session 1: The challenge of transformation in a material world

Venue: RunAn
Chair: Peter Woodward, Facilitator, Quest Associates Ltd

  Conference welcome
Karin Andersson, Acting Vice President of Research Education, Chalmers University of Technology
  Introduction – Aims process, e-opinion polling
Peter Woodward, Facilitator, Quest Associates Ltd
  The Role of the of the Circular Economy in the Emerging Material Resource Challenge
Janez Potočnik, Former EU Commissioner for Science and Research and for the Environment. Currently a Co-Chair of UNEP International Resource Panel – IP
  Circular IKEA and future materials
Malin Nordin, Head of the Circular IKEA Direction, IKEA of Sweden AB
  The Circular Economy Action Plan continues to shape the European Commission’s agenda
Michał Kubicki, Policy Officer, European Commission
  Panel debate with audience participation
Panel members: Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair of UNEP International Resource Panel – IP, Malin Nordin, Head of the Circular IKEA Direction, IKEA of Sweden AB, Michał Kubicki, Policy Officer, European Commission, Magnus Huss, Director general, IKEM, Christian Ekberg, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology
10.00-10.30 Refreshments

Plenary Session 2: Meet the Disruptors

Venue: RunAn
Chair: Peter Woodward, Facilitator, Quest Associates Ltd

  How can we improve the recycling of WEEE? Are we prepared to take our responsibility?
Rasmus Bergström, Managing Director, Stena Technoworld
  Driving circular design through business model innovation
Eelco Smit, Director Sustainability, Philips
  Smart metal components – a key enabler for higher value material loops
Raul Carlsson, Research Engineer, Process and Demonstration, Swerea SWECAST
  Future adaptivity of material use – and some first steps
Axel Edh, Senior Strategic Advisor Environment at Research and Development, Volvo Car Group
  All circles start somewhere – raw material choice is key
Erik Lindroth, Environment Director, Tetra Pak
  Panel debate: looking for insights and transformation success factors
  Introduction to key afternoon themes
Opportunity to brief and sell afternoon sessions to the whole audience
12.00-13.00 Lunch – including poster/ exhibition area

Breakout Session 3: Innovation Deep Dive 1

(3 parallel sessions, A, B, C)


3A: Reuse and Remanufacturing
Venue: RunAn
Chair: Mona Arnold, Tech Lic., MBA, VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland
Remanufacturing in Europe – Opportunities and state of the Art
David Peck, Senior Research Fellow, Circular Built Environment and Critical Materials, TUDelft + QA
How to step up reuse and remanufacturing: This is what entrepreneurs need to know more about
Susanne Fischer, Research Fellow, Research Unit
Circular Economy, Wuppertal Institute
Talking from experience: Bringing reuse networks to life
Markus Meissner, Senior Consultant, Pulswerk GmbH
How can a producer responsibility organization support reuse?
Guro Kjørsvik Husby, CCO, Norsirk
The Norwegian EPR organization for WEEE with a target of
20% reuse of electronic waste
Valtra Remanufacturing – machinery production as environmentally friendly and profitable business
Jari Luoma-Aho, Marketing Manager, Valtra Aftersales
Reuse of interior building materials in office premises – experiences from ongoing case studies
Carl Jensen, Senior project manager, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Panel discussion
3B: Research and innovation ConverStation Cauldron
Venue: Scania
Chair: Peter Woodward, Quest Associates Ltd

– choice of ConverStations
These are simultaneous roundtable presentations given by specialists
in materials research to a group of 8-10 interested participants.
The format is a 10-minute presentation and a 20-minute roundtable discussion.
Each ConverStation is repeated 3 times to a different group.

Product circularity – industry tests of a novel metric
Marcus Linder, PhD, RISE
Modelling recycling in Product Environmental Footprints
Tomas Ekvall, Dr. (Adj. Prof.), IVL
The crucial role of optical sorting in bottle-to-bottle recycling
Thomas Neureiter, Segment Sales Manager for Plastics, Bühler
How do we reach the vision of Buildings as Material Banks?
Lisa Elfström, COO, SundaHus i Linköping AB
Circular recycling of cotton fibers recovered from polyester/cotton textile blends
Hanna de la Motte, Research Scientist, RISE
Investigation of REE separation and simultaneous Ni-based powder production from NiMH battery waste by spray pyrolysis
Burçak Ebin, Researcher, PhD, Chalmers University of Technology
Novel chemical recycling method for valuable metals in batteries – experiences from the Colabats project
Mark Foreman, Chalmers University of Technology
The Role of Metallurgy for Circular Material based Society and Economy
Johan Eriksson, SwereaMefos
Extended Producer Responsibility for Solar Photovoltaic Panels: Practices and Challenges from Collective vs. Individual Producer Responsibility Cases
Sunanda Mehta, Manager – EPR, Karo Sambhav Pvt. Ltd
Educating Society for a Circular Economy: Potential and Challenges
Jessika Luth Richter, Research Associate, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Lund University
3C: Closing the loop with Plastics and chemicals
Venue: Palmstedt
Chair:Nils Hannerz, Head Circular Economy & Industrial Bioeconomy, IKEM – Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden
Taking the European Chemical Industry into the Circular Economy
Ann Dierckx, Sustainable Development Manager, European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic)
50/50 – the effect of chemical industry as downstream industries go circular
Philipp Buddemeier, Principal Director, Accenture Strategy Germany
The ”chemical recycling” of residual waste: an industrial-scale case study of transition to a Circular Economy
Alex Miles, Director, Commercial Development, Europe, Enerkem
Thermal recycling of plastic – disrupting the downcycle
Martin Seemann, Department of Space Earth and Environment – Associate Professor in Energy Conversion, Chalmers University of Technology
Refinery for plastic recycling
Elin Hermansson, Project Manager, Chemical Industries Stenungsund
Closed Loop Plastics and Circular Economy
John A. Ortiz, Director of Product Stewardship, HP
Sustainable plastics material
Åsa Stenmarck, Climate and sustainable cities – Waste, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Panel discussion
14.50-15.20 Refreshments


Plenary Session 4: Financing the circular materials Economy

Venue: RunAn
Chair: Peter Woodward, Facilitator, Quest Associates Ltd

Presentations on finance/investment opportunities

  RE:Source – advancing innovative solutions for the circular transition
Johan Felix, Innovation Manager, Strategic Innovation Programme, RE:Source
  Investing in innovation & early stage startups
Håkan Axelsson, Head of GreenTech Domain, Chalmers Ventures
  Business case:
Scrap tire rubber for new tyres: Tyres are meant to go round and round

Sam Visaisouk, CEO, Tyromer Inc

Plenary Session 5: The E-Waste Tragedy

Venue: RunAn
Chair: Peter Woodward, Facilitator, Quest Associates Ltd

In connection with the film “The E-Waste Tragedy”, which will be introduced by the Director Cosima Dannoritzer, a panel will discuss environmental issues, the need for better guidelines, harmonizing definitions, legislative frameworks, penalties and what it takes to achieve more coherent multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Panel discussion
Panel members: Cosima Dannoritzer, Director, Rasmus Bergström, CEO Stena Technoworld, Eelco Smit, Director Sustainability Philips, Joost de Kluijver, Director, Closing the Loop


Reception Session 6: Networking reception – hosted by Recipo

Venue: Exhibition area
Relaxed drinks reception with a ‘talk to me because…’ twist to encourage contacts and networking

18.45 Bus Transfer to Gothia Towers
19.00 Dinner at Imagine, Gothia Towers