Panel Discussion: The E-Waste Tragedy

According to the research undertaken by the ”Countering WEEE Illegal Trade” (CWIT) project, only 35% of all the e-waste discarded in Europe in 2012 ended up in the officially reported amounts of collection and recycling systems. The other 65% was either exported, recycled under non-compliant conditions in Europe, scavenged for valuable parts or simply thrown into waste bins.

In connection with the film ”The E-waste tragedy”, which will be introduced by the Director Cosima Dannoritzer, a panel will discuss environmental issues, the need for better guidelines, harmonizing definitions, legislative frameworks, penalties and what it takes to achieve more coherent multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Confirmed panel members: Cosima Dannoritzer, Director, Rasmus Bergström, CEO Stena Technoworld, Jan Vlak, Chairman WEEE Forum
To be confirmed: Eelco Smit, Director Sustainability Philips, Joost de Kluijver, Director, Closing the Loop

Follow the link to watch a trailer of the film, or watch it below.

The E-Waste Tragedy
Director: Cosima Dannoritzer
Producer: Joan Ubeda, Media 3.14